Developing specific recipes for food / equipment for customer presentations.
Product recipe devopment - Get your idea on shelves! Join other successes..
Teaching skills like RAW, CLEAN, Gluten-free, Paleo, Vegan or traditional food preparations from corporation lunch rooms to yoga studios to private in home kitchens.
RAW Food - wanna learn how to do this on your own??
Professional experienced photographer, high quality equipment .
Food photography - Fully equipped in-house photo & video studio.
"The role of a food stylist talk", tailored to Primary School Students, "Nutritional talks".
Community projects
Professional creative concepts and props for projects such as digital marketing and cookbooks.
Food Styling & Product shots - we see a recipe through to publication
Fruit bouquets, an example of simple striking designs and concepts for your events or retail outlet.
Creative product concepts and development
Nougat Cacao Cheesecake, check in with us for your weekly inspiration!
Recipe Blog - Pop in here for recipes & Like us on Facebook for inspiration
Lemon, mint and apple tonic, learn why it is good for you!
Juice fresh or create your own juice detox - I can design that for you!!
Caramel, coconut and pecan ice-cream..
RAW bananas & nuts make this Ice cream a RAW vegan dream !!
Lemon coconut cream pie.
RAW Food - wanna learn how to do this on your own??
Welcome to Natalie Bennett Food

We are all about a holistic approach to food, what you eat, your lifestyle and well being. The main focus of food you will find, comes from my belief that food is the basis of our wellness both physically and emotionally. I favour food preparation styles that are getting back to the pre-industrialisation of food. “Grandma with a twist”. That is to say traditional wisdom but utilising ingredients that weren’t previously explored or available. It comes down to the Hippocratic view of Food being Medicine, so I am mindful in recipe and product creation to respect this adage.


At Natalie Bennett Food we also believe that judgement plays no part in your emotional well being so far as food is concerned, and am not here to preach what is “right” or “wrong”. I promote what is beneficial and prefer to focus on the positive rather than the negative.


What I do – I am a RECIPE DEVELOPER employed by clients to create consumables (food and drink) to the market place. I also write recipes for companies to promote their brand, appliance or products. Natalie Bennett Food is actually a small team with a photographic/ video and food technologist who assist as necessary on projects.



In the production of this website we provide to clients:


  • Recipe development (from menus to cookbooks)
  • Display Cooking for presentations, conventions and promotional events.
  • Food product development
  • Food photography
  • Food styling (inclusive of ‘prop library’)
  • Nutritional coaching and public speaking
  • Public food demonstrations


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