About Natalie

I started my cooking career as a teen, in restaurant kitchens. Eventually the hours didn’t agree with my social life, and as passionate as I was about food, I moved into sales, marketing, and writing for lifestyle publications. I would come to culminate my years of experience into one role at Thermomix Australia, as a ‘brand specific’ recipe developer, for hard-copy, internet and apps publications. I am so blessed and in gratitude to Grace Mazur, (GM Thermomix Australia NZ) for that experience.

Since leaving (2013) I have concentrated more fully on my passion of ‘from scratch’ wholefoods – CLEAN RAW and Gluten free, yet everyday, food.


Eating consciously, and diminishing negative associations and bringing back the joy of food.


Currently my main projects are for corporate clients, and “Natalie Bennett Food” and my own book.


I am lucky to have an in-house photo/video expert (my husband). We get to team up to produce for clients (and ourselves) to produce beautiful videos and images. Food styling, is another passion of mine and we have lots and lots of props!


My passions have developed into a fulfilling career which has picked up momentum.


Giving back…….


With sold-out cooking classes, educating others has become a way of sharing the knowledge I have gained. I write for I am foods, Green Goodness Co to name a couple. My aim is to empower people with the skills to have confidence in their kitchen, preserve their well-being, maintain a healthy body, positive feelings and youthful joy for life.



Wholefoods* RAW* Vegan* Paleo* Keto* Conscious Nutrition
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