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Nazafit Protein Juice has just been launched in Australia and we sought the services of  Natalie Bennett from Natalie Bennett Food as we had heard so many great reviews about her work. It was the best decision we have made to date as Natalie has created 4 amazing recipes for us all with the correct price point, flavour, texture and macro nutrient ratios.


We found Natalie knowledgable,  professional, creative and efficient with her time. Natalie gave us solutions and our outcome was outstanding.


This was a huge benefit and asset to our business as we are launching not only in Australia but Dubai and Canada and the recipes needed to be able to be produced in each country with ease. Natalie took this into account without hesitation.


We are going to use Natalie in all future recipe development and we cannot recommend her highly enough.


(Michelle Nazaroff, Director and Founder)


I have known Natalie for a couple of years now and apart from knowing Natalie has great food knowledge and an incredible understanding of food down to history and provenance of many food ingredients, we also discovered that she has a great palate and also very strong capabilities to create wonderfully flavoursome and healthy food products.

We asked Natalie to assist with the development of our Black Truffle Aioli Mayonnaise product. She came with heaps of Gusto and enthusiasm which combined helped us develop a unique and delicious product with all the outcomes required so we could go away to continue making our product in small and now larger batches. If you are in the market and need help with understanding how to use food ingredients and build a delicious formula for your product you won’t find much better. I highly recommend at least having an initial meeting and hearing and speaking with Natalie as she will certainly show you the way to develop some really great food.





We approached Natalie to help us develop a range of cold Matcha drinks. Prior to meeting her, we were completely stuck…we had already spoken to various ‘experts’ in the beverage industry, however no one could clearly articulate / help us understand the end-to-end process of beverage development. This all changed when we met Natalie. At our first meeting, she was able to break down the process and give us a range of options. We have been working with her ever since and are on the verge of pressing our first sample runs. Further to this, she has provided us with branding advice, marketing tips and connected us to various cafes and business’s, who are keen to sample our beverages upon completion. A true expert in her field and I strongly recommend her services to anyone looking to do ANYTHING in the food / beverage space


(James Kouzinas, Director)


I sought Natalie from Natalie Bennett Food to provide 3 recipes for packaged dry baking mixes – a muffin mix, cookie mix, and bliss ball mix.


I found Natalie to be easy to work with, knowledgeable about healthier versions of food and she understood the brief I gave her well. Being new to the food scene, she was able to answer a lot of the questions I had too, and recommend practical elements of bulk packaging.


This was an asset to Adventure Snacks because I had the recipe ideas but wasn’t sure how to go about developing them, to ensure they would be reasonably shelf stable.


I was able to get the products from conception to completion in a really short space of time with Natalie’s help, which was great!


(Tracey Davidson, Founder)

We recently engaged Natalie Bennett of Natalie Bennett foods as a recipe developer to create recipes for our cooking classes and promotional material using our superfood products as ingredients.


We found Natalie to be very creative and professional in her approach to the recipe development, and she showed great passion and enthusiasm for her work.


Natalie worked with our tight schedules and detailed brief, from which we now have a library of beautiful recipes and images to draw upon to promote our product.


She has been a genuine asset to our business and a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to undertake  a recipe development project.


Feel free to contact me with any questions.


(Dean Kurlansky, Owner)


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