Lunch and Learn

Our corporate lunch and learn packages are opportunities for your employees to engage in team bonding whilst enhancing their knowledge of quick, easy and healthy recipes they can employ in their work lunches.

What is a Corporate Lunch and Learn

Wellness what does that mean for you? Well it means you have the energy to get things done at work and still have plenty left to kick goals in your family and social lives, be an active contributor to society, to have fun. What it means for your management is increased productivity, positive performance,  good staff retention, a cohesive team and a positive workplace environment thats enjoyable. How?

Not only do we offer experiences tailored to either empower team members with how to support their bodies and each other in a fast simple way, we teach simple, fast recipes (we can achieve 5 recipes in an hour), classes can be as interactive or demonstrative as they need to be depending on what level of team building and education you would like. Did I mention we eat?, Delicious, healthy and everyone walks out smiling. All in as little as 30 minutes or up to 1 1/2 hours.

We bring everything, we easily work on office desks, lunchroom tables, co-working space and boardrooms. Presenting for 4-80 people.

Our Classes

So many tailor made adventures into delicious food await, here are the top 3, you may simply choose one as a ‘tester’ of what we do, but there is so much more. A quick chat will reveal exactly how we can work together to get the best results for your goal and your budget.

“Welcome to the Bar” – RAW Chocolate 101

When we do chocolate in this class, you can have as much as you want and feel good. We strip away all the nasties and leave all that good stuff you have heard about. We start with a cacao bean and go from there. You’ll learn about cacao being high in antioxidants, flavonoids, rich in minerals like iron, magnesium and manganese, that it has more calcium than cow’s milk, and is a natural mood elevator. The delectable aroma of chocolate will bring plenty of smiles as i show you in a quick 10 minutes making chocolate. We make an array of things, chocolate pastels, orange chocolate, rocky road style slabs, we can even make your own designer chocolate bars, where each participant chooses their favourite enhancements. Are you a habanero salt, almond and apricots person or will you go for raisins, hazelnuts with a hint of orange?

“It’s easy being green” – Green Smoothies 101

Sometimes we don’t even have time to chew our salad let alone prepare one, so how to keep your daily 2 fruit and 5 veg quota starts to slip away taking with it our health. Let me save you! These sure fire crowd pleasers take seconds to prepare. Its not all kale, we’ll explain why the same thing everyday can be detrimental, how to mix it up with confidence. Learn how to quickly pop open a coconut, or how to make nut milks in a flash. Preparation is key so we show you how to make smoothie packs for those rushed mornings – all while sipping on my take on a mango colada, or chilled matcha banana smoothies. Get creative with me, can you help us find a new favourite?

“Meal bridging, build a snack and get over it”– Healthy Snacks 101

Snacks can be our saviour, or our downfall. This fun class shows just how we can sneak some goodness in, between meals. Make scrumptious little bite size treasures, learn the tricks of how to balance fat, protein and carbs so that hunger is abated with riding the roller coaster of sugary foods. This class shows you just how fast we can pull together a Chocolate Brownie, no baking, nutrient loaded and so filling. It always amazes class goers just how simple it can be, as they fight for seconds.. We cover balls as well, green ones, nutty ones, lemony ones, and show how not to depend on pricey pre-made ones.  Never panic if your starving but on a deadline, we’ll show you how to keep snack tucked away to enjoy even if you didn’t plan to be busy. What secrets will you learn?

Already have something in mind?

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