Matcha Tea Company

We approached Natalie to help us develop a range of cold Matcha drinks. Prior to meeting her, we were completely stuck…we had already spoken to various ‘experts’ in the beverage industry, however no one could clearly articulate / help us understand the end-to-end process of beverage development. This all changed when we met Natalie. At our first meeting, she was able to break down the process and give us a range of options. We have been working with her ever since and are on the verge of pressing our first sample runs. Further to this, she has provided us with branding advice, marketing tips and connected us to various cafes and business’s, who are keen to sample our beverages upon completion. A true expert in her field and I strongly recommend her services to anyone looking to do ANYTHING in the food / beverage space


(James Kouzinas, Director)


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