Nazafit Protein Juice has just been launched in Australia and we sought the services of  Natalie Bennett from Natalie Bennett Food as we had heard so many great reviews about her work. It was the best decision we have made to date as Natalie has created 4 amazing recipes for us all with the correct price point, flavour, texture and macro nutrient ratios.


We found Natalie knowledgable,  professional, creative and efficient with her time. Natalie gave us solutions and our outcome was outstanding.


This was a huge benefit and asset to our business as we are launching not only in Australia but Dubai and Canada and the recipes needed to be able to be produced in each country with ease. Natalie took this into account without hesitation.


We are going to use Natalie in all future recipe development and we cannot recommend her highly enough.


(Michelle Nazaroff, Director and Founder)


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