Product Development

Have a great food idea? Confused about formulations, shelf life, dietary restrictions, production procedures.. Natalie Bennett Food can help.

I have helped many established and start up business to expand their lines or start a whole new product. We can help to concrete and consolidate solid formulations based on parameters such as dietary requirements, cost of ingredients, audience, shelf life to help your venture become a reality.

The whole food and health industry is a constantly evolving, lucrative market. Know the fads trends and work with some of the newest ingredients.

Have you tried a beetroot latte? A meringue with no egg and only 4 simple ingredients?! How do you work with nut milk? How do you make things sweet but sugar-free?? Its all a piece of cake to a recipe developer. There is a degree of science, passion and skill in product development. Utilise years of product knowledge rather than trying and missing the mark with your precious ingredients and time!

Please inquire to read testimonials from our clients, both current and former!

Our corporate lunch and learn packages are opportunities for your employees to engage in team bonding whilst enhancing their knowledge of quick, easy and healthy recipes they can employ in their work lunches.