Great Southern Truffles

I have known Natalie for a couple of years now and apart from knowing Natalie has great food knowledge and an incredible understanding of food down to history and provenance of many food ingredients, we also discovered that she has a great palate and also very strong capabilities to create wonderfully flavoursome and healthy food products.

We asked Natalie to assist with the development of our Black Truffle Aioli Mayonnaise product. She came with heaps of Gusto and enthusiasm which combined helped us develop a unique and delicious product with all the outcomes required so we could go away to continue making our product in small and now larger batches. If you are in the market and need help with understanding how to use food ingredients and build a delicious formula for your product you won’t find much better. I highly recommend at least having an initial meeting and hearing and speaking with Natalie as she will certainly show you the way to develop some really great food.





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